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‘Bok Boys: Reebok’s Greatest Streetwear Collaborations

By Jack Cook @TheDripQuarterly

If any of you are familiar with the YouTube sneaker show Full Size Run, you will know that Co Host, Brendan Dunne, has been pushing a ‘Bok Boys movement for quite some time, so we thought it was only right to honour the movement with a look at some of Reebok’s greatest collaborations… according to us anyway!

Reebok might just be the biggest sportswear giant to come out of the UK, and thanks to the recent work of Leo Gamoa, they have produced some of the best streetwear collaborations the sneaker industry has seen in recent years.

We look at our favourites below:

Patta x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary: 2012

We start our deep dive into Reebok’s collaborative catalogue with the Patta x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary. The Reebok Workout has always had a place in my heart due to the popularity of the all-white sneaker in my hometown. However, this joint effort from Patta and Reebok is as far from the original colourway as you can get. Dressed in grey horsehair with teal accents the colourway fits perfectly with Patta’s brand identity of obscure designs on classic silhouettes.

The sneaker came correct with numerous lace colour options to allow the consumer a furthered level of customisation to align with their taste. All the bold colours and horsehair upper are offset by a pure white sole, to ensure the sneaker does not go unnoticed.

This makeup of crazy materials and contrasting colours, plus the clear creative control over the project which Patta was granted, make this collaboration a true head turner. It is this reason why the 25th Anniversary Reebok Workout is probably my favourite pair which features on this list.

Palace Skateboards x Reebok: 2013 & 2016

This next segment features two different collaborations between Palace and Reebok; the Reebok Workout from 2013 and the Reebok Club C from 2016. Although the two British streetwear giants have joined forces many times over the years, many of these collaborations have missed the mark, often producing wild and inconsistent colourways. The two collaborative efforts above however were exactly what I would want from a collaboration between the two.

These two models managed to stay true to the traditional looks of a Reebok sneaker while providing a nod to Palace Skateboards with branded laces as well as the famous Triferg logo on the tongue. Sometimes less is more with collaborations and we think that Palace nailed that philosophy with these. Let’s hope they get back to this outlook soon and start producing gems like these again.

Gosha Rubchinskiy x Reebok Phase 1 Pro: 2016

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy boats some great collaborations with the likes of Adidas and Burberry but our favourite comes in the form of the Gosha x Reebok Phase 1 Pro silhouette that released in 2016.

This collab makes the list due to Gosha opting for a more understated OG Reebok model in simplistic colourways. All three of the colourways feature bright orange Russian wording embroidered on the heel, a move synonymous with Rubchinskiy’s designs.

The Gosha x Reebok Phase 1 wasn’t the only collaboration that dropped in 2016, with Alife also bringing a version of the sneaker out. The colour pallet used by Alife was very siliar to that used by Gosha but with their logo on the tongue of the shoe, a gum sole and teal logos throughout, pictured below:

BAIT x Reebok ‘West East’ Pack: 2018

LA Based streetwear and sneaker store BAIT have joined forces with Reebok many times, with their most recent being the Toy Story themed Instapump Fury that released this year. While this is one neck-breaking release, their best collaboration comes in the form of the ‘West East’ Pack which dropped in 2018.

The two brands joined forced to re-create three fan favourite silhouettes with a regional theme; the Club C, Exo Fit and Workout. All three are dressed in a classic white colourway with a vintage sail coloured sole. The shoes feature the BAIT branding and American Flag on the left representing the West element of the pack. The Reebok logo and the British Flag can be found on the right sneaker, representing the East.

I recently managed to pick up the Workout from this collaboration for under retail and couldn’t believe it. This is certainly one of those classic collaborations which seems to have flown under the radar for most sneakerheads.

JJJJound x Reebok Club C: 2019

It would be criminal to discuss Reebok’s best collaborations and leave out last years efforts with mood board extraordinaire JJJJound. The shoe originally released in a pop up dubbed ‘Centre de Commande’ – a store decked out as a retro office space reimagined by JJJJound. With only 300 pairs of the collaborative sneaker available at the pop-up, the shoes flew off shelves, making them highly sought after.

Later last year, the JJJJound Club C’s were re-released with a further 1,500 being made available. Due to the hype surrounding this shoe and the scarcity in supply, the sneakers currently sell on secondary markets for around £250-300!

Reebok is expected to reignite their relationship with JJJJound this year after a photo of their new collaboration was teased on the JJJJound official Instagram account. The Reebok Classic Nylon is the silhouette of choice for their collaboration this time around (pictured below), but has no official release date at the time of writing. However, if the Club C is anything to go by, the JJJJound x Reebok Classic Nylon’s are sure to sell out very swiftly and fetch a hefty price on resale platforms.

SNEEZE x Reebok Club C: 2020

The final collaboration to make the list is the more recent SNEEZE x Reebok Club C’s, releasing in June of 2020. SNEEZE is a New York-based magazine which was established in 2008 and acts as a modern guide to street style, culture and lifestyle.

The sneaker features a nubuck upper with the SNEEZE logo debossed onto the side of the shoe where you would usually find the Reebok logo. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair of this clean collaborative Club C when they dropped back in June. SNEEZE Magazine also donated all proceeds from the sales of the Reebok Club C to the Black Lives Matter Movement which makes this collaboration that much more special.

How do you feel about the collaborations listed above? Did we miss any that you are particularly fond of? Let us know!

Written by Jack Cook @TheDripQuarterly

edited by Toby Eldredge @crepcultureblog
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CrepCulture Socks!

Release Date & Time: Friday 28th August at 14:00(BST)

The last few months have been incredibly strange for everyone. Whilst most people have undergone a period of lockdown and a halt to all normal activity, this time has given many the opportunity to expand their creative endeavours. CrepCulture is no exception.  During the past months, I have grown CrepCulture at a much quicker rate than I had done previously over the past three years. I have been able to amass a substantial following on social media platforms and here on my blog, allowing me to take CrepCulture up a notch! With all that being said I present, the CrepCulture OG Socks.

The OG socks take their inspiration from three of Nike’s OG Air Max colourways. These are the ‘Neon’ Air Max 95, the ‘Infrared’ Air Max 90 and the ‘Menthol’ Air Max 93. If you know me you will know the love I have for the Nike Air Max lineage. It was important for me to pay homage to this love of Air through my first CrepCulture product. Each stripe on the upper of the sock represents one of these iconic colourways and is a perfect match to the corresponding shoes.


On the ankle of the sock, you will find an embroidered CrepCulture logo. During the lockdown, I had a huge rebranding where my logo was redesigned. A big thank you to @Abixart for designing the logo and to everyone who helped in the creative process. The logo on the socks and the positioning is the standout feature in my opinion. I wanted to position the logo perfectly so that it would really pop in sneaker photographs and I believe that I achieved that. I’m very excited to see some of your on-feet shots featuring the CrepCulture OG socks and I’ll be sure to repost them!


If you’re an Air Max fanatic like myself, you will know that both the Air Max 95 and the Air Max 90 in their OG form and colourways will be re-releasing towards the end of the year. Timing of my sock drop is imperative to these Air Max retro’s as I want to give as many people as possible the chance to rock their new OG’s with these socks.

The CrepCulture OG socks come in both white and black and will be available to buy on Friday 28th of August right here on Retail for one pair is £6.99 or you can scoop two pairs (of any colour) for £12. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway starting soon.

Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 11.52.19

Release Date & Time: Friday 28th August at 14:00(BST)

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Constructing the Classics with London Sneaker School

The end of June marked the very first Bespoke Air Max 1 Course offered by the guys at London Sneaker School (LSS). The five-day intensive course began on Monday the 22nd of June and wrapped up on Friday when the three shoemaking students unveiled their final products to a crowd of onlookers. I was lucky enough to be invited down to the workshop over the course of the week to meet the guys, snap some photographs and get a feel for how LSS conduct their sneaker construction lessons. The experience as a whole was so much fun and I learnt a lot just from watching and listening, despite not participating myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Prior to the start of the course, London Sneaker School provides you with a template of an Air Max 1, as well as a list of materials which are on offer to use. This gives you an opportunity to become familiar with some of the leathers and other materials which you will use during your time at LSS. It also means you can come up with some design ideas before stepping into the workshop.

Upon arrival, I was shown through the schedule for the week to follow as well as the impressive underground workshop located in Hackney, London. The three students; Morgan, Danny and Damon each had their own ideas about the direction they were heading in with their own AM1 designs. While for some it was solely an idea in their head, others had exact mockups of what they wanted their shoes to look like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every component of the Air Max 1’s you create during your course at LSS is fully customisable meaning you have complete creative control over your finished sneaker. Even the colour of the outsole, midsole and air bubble can be selected to fit your preferences, achieved by using Nike ID (or By You) soles as donors for your handmade pair.

Some materials available, for example, more stretchy leathers, can be harder to work with, which can prove problematic if it’s your first time using them. However, as part of the course, you first assemble a practice upper of an Air Max 1. You do this in the same fashion as you would if you were making your final piece, serving as a tester to experiment with materials and processes which you will rely on further in the week.


‘Piet Mondrain’ Nike Air Max 1’s by Damon (@Damonma1)

During the five day course, students are taught everything there is to know about how a sneaker is assembled by hand. This is perhaps the feature of the course which piqued my initial interest, as not only do you end up with your own bespoke’s, but you learn about the fundamentals of shoemaking. The guys were directed through everything from material selection, cutting and sewing, stitching and clicking panels, lasting and sole bonding by Thomas and Jase.


‘Horween Beast’ Nike Air Max 1’s by Morgan (@Morprime)

While previous experience may play a factor in the outcome of your shoe, it is not necessarily important. The three shoemaking students each had a varying experience when it came to shoemaking, yet each of them left the course with a sublime pair of Air Max 1’s assembled from scratch. While there may be some glue marks or imperfections, this is to be expected. Any handmade product is more than likely to have a few flaws here and there, especially if you haven’t done anything like it before. But these ‘imperfections’ only add to the character of one’s shoe and, in my opinion, serve as a reminder of the experience as a whole.


‘Kickin’ Off’ Nike Air Max 1’s by Danny (@Dannychillman)

Both Thomas and Jase are excellent teachers and their knowledge of shoemaking is clear from the moment you meet them. After witnessing the course first hand and seeing the final products come off the last I am even more keen to jump onto the course myself. If you share the same excitement as I do and would like to learn how to construct classic sneakers yourself, head over to the London Sneaker School website. At the time of writing this there are three upcoming sessions in the near future which are as follows:

5-Day Shoemaking Course Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday 10th August 2020
  • Monday 14th September 2020
  • Monday 19th October 2020

London Sneaker School Course Dates

Furthermore, the guys at LSS are currently running a giveaway in collaboration with @Morprime giving you the chance to win a spot on their Air Max 1 course for free! Follow the link below to London Sneaker School’s Instagram to enter:

London Sneaker School on Instagram

London Sneaker School Online


Thanks again to Thomas and Jase for having me down to check out their very first Air Max 1 course! It was great meeting you all and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for LSS.

By Toby Eldredge @CrepCultureBlog 

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Affordable Sneakers for Summer

Who’s not looking for a fresh pair of trainers to break out for the summer? With the warmer months just around the corner, I wanted to put together a list of the best affordable kicks which you can pick up right now. Any of the shoes on this list will guarantee your steezy status at BBQs all summer long.

Nike Air Force 1 Low

The first summer sneaker needs no introduction. Nike’s Air Force 1 has been an everyday staple for millions of people since its inception in 1982. Originally designed to be a performance basketball shoe, the Air Force 1 has been adopted by just about everyone as their number one lifestyle shoe. The model is probably the most versatile on the planet, available in thousands of colour combinations with numerous collaborative cosigns. The durability of the model is another selling point for many people who are after a robust new sneaker for everyday use. The pair below is the recent Supreme collaboration Air Force 1, which is a take on the classic white-on-white Air Force’s. While these are somewhat hard to come by, the standard triple whites are readily available, a shoe which you just can’t go wrong with.


Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 by @wxbstr

Nike Ghost Racer

Last year, Nike retroed the Ghost Racer, a 90’s running shoe built for long-distance. The lightweight construction of the model, accompanied by a Zoom Air unit in the heel, provides a level of comfort which is second to none. The Ghost Racer screams 90’s aesthetics with its bright neon colour schemes and retro look, a style which is growing in popularity in 2020. Since the retro last year, a variety of colourways are available at most online retailers, giving you a whole range of options. Furthermore, the Ghost Racer Retro’s are currently on sale, hence their inclusion on my list of affordable summer sneakers. If you are after a pair of these standout 90’s runners, you can pick them up right now for £55, a markdown of almost 50% from their retail price. Retailers such as END, Size? and Hanon still has them in stock so make sure you grab a pair before they all go.


Nike Ghost Racer by @crlsslvdr

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2

In my previous article, I touched on Nike’s newest retro, the Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2. This model was reintroduced by Stüssy on their most recent collaboration and now Nike is pumping out numerous colourways of the model. The upper is constructed out of an enlarged mesh canvas adding an aspect of breathability to the shoe, and the Zoom Air unit in the heel makes for an extremely comfortable ride. The Spiridon Cage 2’s come in at the retail price of £119.95 however at present there are plenty of discount codes available which can be used to secure your pair. Nonetheless, £120 seems like a pretty reasonable price for the technically superior runners! I have recently copped a pair and I cannot recommend them enough!


Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 by @CrepCultureBlog

Air Jordan 1 Low

Everyone loves an Air Jordan 1. The historic Nike basketball sneaker is, of course, Micheal Jordan’s first signature shoe which originally released in 1985 during his rookie season at the Chicago Bulls. While many OG collectors would stay away from the low and mid-cut versions of the Jordan 1, there has recently been a surge in popularity for both. In this category, my recommendation for an affordable summer sneaker would be a low cut Jordan 1. Not only is the shoe an icon in its own right, but is also very reasonably priced. For a pair of Air Jordan 1 Lows, you would be looking to pay £85 making them a very affordable option for those on a budget. Once again, the model is readily available at numerous retailers, as Nike continues to release different colourways. The price of the AJ1 low is similar to that of a Nike Air Force 1 or an Adidas Stan Smith, putting them in the same cost-effective category. If these simplistic low tops take your fancy, you can get hold of a pair on the Nike website, Size? and Footlocker, just to name a few. As mentioned above, the Jordan 1 Lows have a newfound adoration amongst sneakerheads so certain colourways have a tendency to sell out. Make sure you scoop a pair before then or keep an eye on @CrepCultureBlog on Instagram for the latest releases of the model.


Air Jordan 1 Lows by @nineteen.85

Nike Air Max 90

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90 and the sportswear titans have been going all out in an effort to give fans of the model what they want. As a result, we have been treated to a whole rainbow of colourways of the Air Max 90, many of them staying true to the OG colour blocking of the model. There is a colourway for every occasion, meaning the options are limitless. My personal favourites which have released thus far are the ‘Hyper Grape’ (purple) and the ‘Volt’ pairs, but I am waiting it out in anticipation for the OG ‘Infrared’ pair in its remastered form. The Air Max 90 is a more aggressive, more defined version of its predecessor which retails for £115 in the U.K. However, as Nike have been releasing colours of the shoe since the beginning of the year, you can find particular pairs on sale right now for £85. Most of the major retailers have sales on at the moment and the Air Max 90 is included in the majority of these summer discount sales. If you ask me, £85 is a bit of a steal for a shoe with such an important history and one which provides the utmost comfort for everyday wear. I own the ‘Hyper Grape’ pair and I absolutely love them.

Nike Air Max 90’s by @dregoppy 

Reebok Club C

Whenever I am asked for sneaker recommendations from my non-sneakerhead friends, I have two go to’s. The first, mentioned above, is the Nike Air Force 1. The second is the Reebok Club C. The Club C is one of Reebok’s most popular models and has made a come back over the last few years. The low cut shoe provides a sleek, casual look making the Club C a versatile model which can be dressed up or down, kept brand spanking new or beaten up. Much like the Air Force 1, the Club C is available in a whole range of different colourways and materials. My recommendation would be to go for the OG colourway of the model, an all-white variation which green accents, however at the time of writing this, Reebok has released a new pack of Club C’s. The pack features three versions of the model, each in a striking yet simplistic colourway. The green pair is very close to the OG, while the red and yellow pairs provide a fresh modification to this old school colour blocking. Priced at £69, you really cannot go wrong with a new pair of Reebok Club C’s for summer.


Reekbok Club C by @end_clothing

So there you have it, my reccommendations for afforable summer sneakers. Out of the six pairs included on the list, the Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1 and the Reebok Club C’s fall into a similar category. While perhaps not designed solely for comfort, each model is a reasonably priced, readily available sneaker. These shoes are some of the most versatile on the market and make a great addition to any rotation. In contrast, the other three sneakers on the list are more comfort orientated. The Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2, Nike Ghost Racer and Nike Air Max 90 all provide an exceptional level of comfort however are probably less versatile options. These pairs would work very well in a sneaker rotation which also consists of another pair on the list, perhaps the Air Force 1 or the Club C.

Let me know if you end up picking up any of the pairs on my summer sneakers list! Make sure tag me on Instagram @CrepCulture Blog for a chance to be featured.