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Where It All Started

Air Max. My love for sneakers came in 2013 when I was introduced to Nike Air Max. I was fascinated by the translucent air bubble, the colours, the shape, and overall lifestyle. Of course, prior to this point, I had seen these shoes out and about but this time I was hooked. I had to get a pair. My first pair was a GR pair of Nike Air Max 90 essentials, a colourway consisting of different shades of grey and a white midsole. Putting them on, it was strange; the bulkiness of the shoe and the comfort was very different from the ‘skate shoe’ style I was used to.


Throughout my life I have always had an interest in footwear. The first pair of shoes I begged my mum for was a pair of black and white checkered Vans slip on’s… classics. After that, it was Converse Chuck Taylors. When I was a kid I skateboarded, the whole time. It was the only thing I did really. Skateboarding certainly takes its toll on a pair of shoes and because of this, I started to pay closer attention to the design and the padding of the shoe. I had an array of skate shoes all of which were beaten and battered, the brands consisting of Osiris, Globe, DC and éS. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the starting point.

After I stopped skating as much, I toned it down to less padded, more ‘fashionable’ models. The two models which spring to mind are the Adidas Stan Smith and the Puma Suede. This was the transition phase for my love of sneakers.

My Air Max 90’s went down a treat. A few weeks later, I bought a pair of Air Max 1’s. Another GR colourway, which I copped from a Nike sale. The month after came another pair, and then another. I was collecting Nike sneakers without even releasing. I began doing research about the shoes on my feet, looking things up about my trainers wherever I could find it. At the time there was hardly anything on YouTube about creps, unlike now where you can find thousands of people producing content. Through my digging, I found out about the history of the Air Max line, something I will be writing about in the future, as well as stumbling upon the Nike Air Jordan line. OG’s will flame me for perhaps not knowing about Micheal Jordan, his accomplishments and arguably the most recognisable sneaker franchise worldwide. But it wasn’t my background. I was a skater kid, not a basketball player and furthermore, I was far too young to have appreciated what it was all about.

I became captivated by Micheal Jordan and his basketball shoes. I must have watched thousands of hours of videos about Mike… about his games, his most memorable moments, TV commercials. But above all, it was his sneaker empire with Nike, a line which now spans a whopping 32 models long, which caught my attention. Just like with my Air Max obsession, I had to own a pair. My favourite pair of Jordan’s is the Jordan 4, in particular, the ‘White Cement’ colourway, which Nike (luckily for me) retrod in 2016.


Despite dipping in and out of different brands and sneaker models, Nike’s Air Max technology has always been at the top of my list. As I am writing this, I am looking around and the only shoes I can really see are Air Max’s. Currently, I am working on collecting all of the OG colourways of every Air Max model along with my grails; the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Chlorophyll’ and the DQM x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Bacon’.


My modern day love for sneakers started with the Air Max 90, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. In 2017 when Virgil Abloh came together with Nike to work on ten different models, I was GASSED to see both the Air Max 90 and 97 featured on the list, and I was even more gassed to secure the Off White 90’s for retail.

Thanks for reading! I just thought I would write something a little more personal about how I got into the sneaker scene. More articles coming soon… Also, shout out to Tom Ray and Crepe City for the header photo!