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Are Nike bringing the Classics back too often?

On March 26th 2016 Nike asked us to vote in the ‘vote back’ campaign, for which Air Max model we wanted to see brought back in 2017. This was in celebration of the third annual Air Max day, with the most popular shoe seeing a retro the following year. The winner of the vote was the Air Max 1 x Atmos “Elephant”, a sneaker which originally debuted in 2007. Despite not managing to get my hands on a pair, I was happy to see Nike bringing back a ‘grail’ for most Air Max enthusiasts. However, since the re-release of the Atmos elephant’s we have seen a plethora of very rare, exclusive Nike colourway’s brought back into circulation, and I do not necessarily agree with it.


Quick disclaimer – I only disagree with the brand bring back rare, hard to find models and colourways. I have no problem with Nike retro-ing classic OG colourways and general releases. For example, Nike has recently retro-ed two of my favourite models, the Air Max 97 ‘Silver Bullet’ and the Air Jordan 3 ‘Black Cement’, and I couldn’t be more chuffed.

My reason for writing this article was due to the Air Max day 2018 releases that we are set to see in March. I’ve got to hand it to Nike, it is an incredible line-up, featuring hybrid models and coveted collaborations alike. However, included in the drop list are the Atmos x Nike Air Max 95 and Air Max 1 from the Supreme Animal Pack (dubbed the 2.0’s). To the average consumer or recent sneakerhead, these releases will probably peak their interest – hyped, hard to get popular Nike shoes. However, for the OG sneakerhead holding onto their original 2006 pair of 1’s, they may not be as pleased. The Animal Air Max 1’s are currently listed on Flight Club for $2,375 – crazy money. I feel that by Nike rereleasing some of these models it takes away from what that shoe meant back in the day and even now! It deteriorates their value.


If you’re into sneakers and pay attention to sneaker blogs and Instagram accounts, you may have noticed that more reissues, like the ones mentioned above, are coming. After 17 years, Nike is bringing back the Air Force 1 B ‘Hong Kong’, as well as the Air Force 1 Low ‘Taiwan’.

In my opinion, these shoes represent a period of time and should be left there. The brand should be looking forward, not backwards, in terms of new technologies and materials. To be fair to them, Nike has shown a lot of promise in terms of looking forward – for example, the release of the Vapormax tooling, now being used on a variety of hybrid models like the Vapormax plus and the Vapormax 97’s.

But hey, who can blame Nike for taking advantage of  a booming sneaker industry, the Swoosh raking in $32.2 billion in 2017. Especially in the Air Force 1 department, with Nike pushing the resurgence of the model (despite it never going out of fashion) at the end of 2017. Furthermore, the creps of the past may have aged. Midsole crumbling and flat air bubbles are common ageing processes for a lot of Nike models, and the reissues offer an opportunity for collectors to swipe up a pair of their favourite trainers that are actually wearable!

Let me know what you think!

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